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The software


PHD Help Desk is the software conceived for the registry and follow up of incidents in the Help Desk or Service Desk in your IT area of their company or organization.

Its functionality was developed with the suggestions of a hundred of Help Desk or Service Desk users around the world and covers the typical necessities of it, as much for the help desk analyst as for that it has to manage it.

For being developed in PHP+MySQL+JavaScript he can install in practically any used operating system in servers of the present time, the client executes in the PC's Internet navigator.

Latest stable version: 2.12 (february 2012)


Registry of incidents: classification of such in two levels, type and sub type, state of the incident, description, ticket assign and priority, historical registry, audit.
Work flow along the different areas of solution.

Emits information: complette access to the knowledge data base in consultation format, to emit reports or to export the information for its later processing in a data base desktop or a calc sheet. It is possible to consult combining most of the attributes of the incident, to emit reports for the support on site, to consult pending by sector that processes the incident, etc.

Configurable interface for several languages: in English and Spanish, it is possible to translate it to any language that uses Latin characters.




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