PHD Help Desk Versión en Español

Versions history.

Version News
2.12 - February 2012 Don't necesary configure the include_path variable in the php.ini file.
Add transactionality.
E-mail send errors log file.
Replace the deprecated functions ereg y split.
Areas and users loader.
News report.
2.05 - July 2010 The tickets file export is in excel format.
The operator can create a new password in case of forget it.
2.00 - March 2010 The passwords are coded in MD5.
Now it's showed the MySQL error messages.
The main screen shows the operator's assigned tickets with a particular state.
We added the PHPMailer library for more flexibility in the e-mail configuration.
Change the audit fields, now are different USER (users) and OPER (operators).
The three state legends in the user request are configurables.
The ticket time stamp is the work station timedate, not the server timedate.
The new operator e-mail includes the PHD help desk's access url.
Date format configurable.
User validation before input the user request.
User request follow up by the own user.
The user can add comments to the ticket created by his request, with e-mail warning.
The operator can add comments visibles for the user, with e-mail warning.
1.43 - March 2009 Changes in the user interface.
AJAX routines.
Ticket follow up data in the CSV format ticket export.
1.40 - August 2008 Areas, users, attributes, sectors and operators administrator options: were been improved the administration screens, adding filters and splitting the data for a best managing of there.
Operator configuration for receive an e-mail alert when a user load a support request.
Parameters administration directly from the software.
Posibility for configure default values for the tickets attributes.
1.35 - March 2008 The date of the ticket follow up is from the work station clock.
Search tickets for comment field option.
Sort the administrator tables by columns.
1.32 - November 2007 Attach a file in the user support request web form.
Information export is in CSV format.
1.31 - September 2007 Configure the operator for receive an alert by e-mail when a ticket is assigned to him.
1.30 - July 2007 The operators belongs to a sector, outside the areas where belong the users.
1.21 - June 2007 Attach file to the ticket and its follow up.
1.20 - May 2007 Users administration directly from the software.
Work flow of the tickets along the operator's areas.
Improves in the knowledge data base access.
1.15 - December 2006 New installer, more easy and secure.
Improvements in the user interfaces.
1.10 - September 2006. Web interface support requests for end users.
Ticket assign.
Incident priority.
New improvements in the installation and user interface.
1.05 - July 2006. Access to the knowledge base of PHD Help Desk.
1.00 - June 2006. Pre formed for English or Spanish.
Configuration of user interface multi language.
New interface of creation of data base.
Documentation in English and Spanish.
0.88 - June 2006. PHD Help Desk preliminar version, in Spanish only

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